A long awaited camp!

The Year 6 students were lucky enough to go on our school camp last week to Merc Bay, in Long Bay Regional Park. We had so many lovely parents volunteer, that we had not only overnight helpers for the duration of our camp, but also day parents to help, and watch their kids.

Our three days were over far too quickly! The awesome camp instructors were so skilled, and enthusiastic in what they were teaching. We were lucky enough to experience abseiling, sea kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, a giant's ladder, outdoor survival, orienteering, mountain biking, raft building, and archery. Some us did these for the first time!

Before camp we focused on qualities of a leader. In each group there was a student who clearly exhibited this quality, and they were chosen to be in charge of their group. We saw many great students step up and organise their group, making sure everyone was where they needed to be, and had what they needed for the activity.

This camp would not have been possible witho…

1/3 of the way through Term 4!

Already! We are 1/3 of the way through our very last term of year 6, I can't believe it.

Room 20 has been LOVING their math workshops this term! We have been focusing on fractions, as part of our ratios and proportions topic.

New students get three weeks to settle in to their new class, before we welcome them into our lovely school in Marina View. As part of the senior school, we are practicing our powhiri, so that we can all sing and dance with confidence and love for our new students!

Room 20 and Room 19 were lucky enough to get a Term 4 session of Te Reo! We practiced our mihi, how to ask someone how they are feeling, and reply. Matua also helped us practice our oral language by teaching us a cool new game! Standing in a circle, we said the commands for left, right, skip, and reverse. If you got the vocab or the action wrong, you had to sit down. It was all about who could listen and think quickly.

Camp is coming up fast! Room 20 is so excited for it. To help us with some of th…

Kia Ora and Welcome to Term 4!

Can you believe it is the last term of year 6 already?! The holidays zoomed by in the blink of an eye... it sounds like our Room 20 students had some very eventful things happening for them!

We started our Week 1 off by sharing about our two weeks, and planning out our term. This included our new class jobs, to make sure that we all have a role in our classroom. Class jobs are important to ensure that we practice having responsibilities, and teamwork.

As always homework will be handed out on a Friday. If your child has completed their AWS maths book, please make sure you send them to the office to buy a new one. It is important that they do homework each week.

As a class, we went through our term overview, so everyone knows what exciting things we have on this term. Our maths will be: Number (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Our first topic  of the term will be multiplication and division. We will be starting to incorporate more problem solving in class, so we can lea…

Week 6 - Week 10

Welcome to Term 3 with Room 20!

We have had a busy term preparing for our assembly. Our students out did themselves with their acts, we had several little leaders taking charge of the acts. The class learned a hip hop dance specially for our assembly, thanks Sarah and Addi for leading the group! We also learned te rekau, to tie in with our te reo lessons each week. The class did fantastic at this! They were able to learn the sticks routine, as well as the accompanying song, which they sang themselves on the day.

PE this term has been a delight! Room 20 excelled at tennis this term, as well as badminton in the gym. We are heading our way into spring, and our summer sports are underway! The lunchtime sport this term was netball... which we were so excited about! Room 20 has a lot of netballers in our class, so we were keen to win! ;) We made it all the way to the finals, but Room 21 beat us after a fantastic game.

Art the second half of this term, has been all for our Calenders! We won…

Week 1- Week 5 Term 3

In week 1 we had a lot going on because of the new term so we had so many new things we were going to try and work on in class.

The first thing was every morning we decided with Room 19 to do a Maori Karakia hoping to encourage Maori culture during school time. We now do it every morning and afternoon praying to our loved ones and the ones that are sick in the world hoping they will get better.

Right after our Karakia every Monday morning we do news sharing about all of our adventures during the weekend and the week out of school time. This particular Week 1 Monday morning we had 3 people sharing news from their outings in the weekend, Georja, Lianna and Rina. Georja described how she had been working very hard on a homework challenge called "Facts About Me" which was a slides presentation entirely about you guessed facts about me *Georja.* She included many questions about herself for e.g what her favourite food was, how she had different coloured hair back then, and what …

Terrific Term 3!

Welcome back Room 20 and parents, to an exciting Term 3! 
I hope you had a well earned break during these holidays, and are ready for a busy school term. Our learning journey will be an exciting one, as we start our new topics.
This term we are focusing on the cultures in New Zealand and our unique heritage. We will be investigating where we come from, and what it means to have such a diverse range of cultures in this country that we call home.
In Te Reo Maori we are lucky enough to have a guest come in and teach us about the Maori creation myths, legends, and songs connected to the language and culture.
Maths is exciting this term! We are starting with Algebra, where Room 20 can practice their code cracking skills. Before moving on to Probability and finishing the term with Number.
Writing this term will cover persuasive texts, with Speeches being held in class in Week 6. Two excellent students will go on to represent our class in the Year 5/6 competition later this term. After speec…

Week 4 was a dream

Room 20 was very excited to start our measurement topic. They were coming up with lots of ideas to add to their dream gardens. Some girls have been very excited to add as many animals as possible to their garden (e.g. pigs, goats, horses). The boys are very excited to create multiple sports fields, they are creating basketball, soccer, and netball courts. We have added to the Year 6 budget, to include luxurious features such as flying foxes, water slides, tree huts, and pools that have islands in them.

We have moved on to summary writing, where the class was split into mixed-ability groups of boys and girls. They were practicing how to identify the main ideas in a text, and then use their 'graphic organiser' to write a summary piece - this also meant that we were able to practice their paragraphing skills.

We are continuing to work hard on our world records, we have finished researching other wacky records, and are ready to wrap up the topic next week. Some students are bringi…